Residential Journeyman Plumber

Mrs. Michael


Closed for applications

Closed for applications

Tthis position has been filled already. Take a look at our homepage for more jobs that are accepting applicants!


Howell, MI

Work type

full time


$60,000 - $90,000 a year

Date posted

Jun 24, 2024

About the role

Are You someone who enjoys helping people, and doing what’s right for them? 

Have you always kept a clean truck and tools because that’s just how you roll? 

Do you prefer doing things the RIGHT way, the FIRST time?

Are you a really GOOD plumber? 

If so I think we should talk! 

Hi I’m Mrs. Michael, and I started Mrs. Michael Plumbers, Electricians and HVAC Technicians because it just seemed like nobody really wanted to treat people the way they deserve, and do what’s actually BEST for their employees and their customers! 

But the greatest, most successful service companies understand: success is determined by how well you care of your employees, so that they can go out and take great care of their customers!

It’d be great if you have tons of experience, but even if you don’t that’s not a deal-breaker. We can train and teach you everything you need to excel in this field! That’s not the problem. 

The problem is: I can’t teach someone to have humility and kindness in the workplace.  

I can’t train someone to have a servant’s heart toward the customer they are helping.

I can’t give someone the ability to relate to people from all walks of life and treat everyone equally, with respect. 

I need someone who brings those qualities with them to this job interview. 

Because the things that really matter are those things you bring with you: the natural abilities and attitudes of a top performer.

  • INTEGRITY: To you, doing the job RIGHT isn’t just a nice goal. It’s a duty. 

  • EXCELLENCE: You always keep a clean truck, clean tools and a clean shirt. Because that’s the mark of a true craftsman. 

  • HEART: You genuinely like people.  

I don’t hire people if all they have is skill; I hire the people who have the highest work ethic and most eagerness to become exceptional at what they do. And then I make sure they get the training they need, make the money they deserve and insure they have enough time for their FAMILY. Because a burned out employee with an unhappy home life just doesn’t work.

Our goal is to be the BEST. Not the cheapest. That’s why I happily admit and I say it out loud: 

“I put my employees FIRST. Customers come second.”


“Because happy employees MAKE happy customers.”

It’s that simple! And that truth has led us to the pride we take in having the best team, the most knowledgeable people, basically the happiest plumbing company in town! Happy to work smarter and harder and make more money than all the rest. 

Here’s how you’ll start:

  • Medical Benefits

  • Paid Holidays

  • Paid Vacation
    401k with company match 

  • 60,000-90,000+/ yr (rising with experience and demonstrated skill!)

I realize that someone like you already has a job, but, this job is way better! -partly because I understand your problem: 

  • You are overworked and/or underappreciated. 

  • You don’t make the money you deserve. 

  • You don’t have steady enough work, year-round.

  • You’re not being given the opportunity to ADVANCE.  

But I strive to deliver what great employees really want and need: 

  • Freedom to spend extra time on your work, enough time to make sure it all looks and works perfectly. We do it right. We know you don’t drag your feet on a job. And we try hard to make sure you get home to your family in time for dinner!

  • Steady work all year long. You don’t want to have to worry about being “let go” in the slower times of the year. But we work all four seasons. I believe in full-time work, and career opportunities for my Team, not seasonal work. 

  • Enough time off with your family. Because an overworked tech is not our goal. We put our employees first, customers second, because we know that it’s happy employees who MAKE happy customers! 

  • Better pay, more opportunity. I believe in paying you more than average salary to start, and let you rise to the occasion and BE that level of employee. And then give you a path to rise as high as your skill and desire drives you to go. 



  • Journeyman or Master Plumbing License Preferred

  • 3+ Years Residential Plumbers Experience 

  • Field service experience in a residential setting

  • Valid Drivers License/ Chauffeur's license 

  • Ability to pass a drug screening and background check

  • Ability to work Tuesday- Saturday Shift

  • Enthusiastic

  • A multi-tasker 

  • Engaging and energetic

  • Outgoing 

  • Proactive; You look for the things that need to be done. 

  • Trustworthy – don’t need micromanaging

  • Work well with a Team 

  •  Work well alone

  •  Genuine heart for people

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